Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of the participants remains the top priority. After careful consideration, in light of the global health emergency and the travel restrictions, ADIP 2020 was special arranged into online conference during December 18 - 20,2020.

During the conference, Prof. Kenji Suzuki from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, Prof. Yan Li from University of Southern Queensland, Australia and Prof. Ma Maode from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have attended the online conference as keynote speakers.

The 2020 proceeding is available online now.

Group Photo

Keynote Speeches

Title: Deep Learning for Medical Image Processing, Patten Recognition, and Diagnosis
Prof. Kenji Suzuki
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Title: Artificial Intelligence in Health and Brain Modelling
Prof. Yan Li
University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Title: Secure Authentication for D2D Communications in 5G Wireless Networks
Prof. Maode Ma
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Best Presentations

Title: Ship Detection in Satellite Optical Imagery
Benjamin Smith, University of Victoria, Canada

Title: Simplified Deep Learning Architecture for Text Recognition from Natural Scene
Deepak Rai, Tokai University, Japan

Title: Using Twitter Social Media for Depression Detection in the Canadian Population
Ruba Skaik, University of Ottawa, Canada

Title: Live Monitoring of Speech Quality of Public Addressing Network Speakers: A Preliminary Study
Elhard Kumalija, Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo, Japan

Title: Effective Tuning of Regression Models using an Evolutionary Approach: A Case Study
Seamus Lankford, Adapt Centre, Dublin City University, Ireland